What Is aLife?


aLife.net.au update and summary by CEO Tom Hastwell.


LifeWorks media, through its parent company ˜PNMG' are the producers of the aLife material. Together, they are a young, dynamic, vibrant, successful communications, film, digital and design firm, growing from Adelaide in 1995. Now employing 15 staff in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, they live their creed of ˜Inspired Communication', engaging people and communities on a range of issues. All aged under 35 and having been working together since 2001, PNMG is an example of inspired youth in action.


Lifeworks and PNMG produces materials for not for profit organisations such as the RSPCA, Royal Life Saving, Mission Australia, Smart Population, the Foundation for Young Australians and the Raising Children Network, Government agencies such as DEST and DETA, and its own international phenomenon 'Being Dad' and the upcoming environmental community awareness site and forum Greenwash.PNMG are commercial contributors to dozens of websites in text, imagery and video, such as NineMSN, RaisingChildren.net.au, Pregnancy.org, Facebook, YouTube and many others.In 2008, PNMG expanded its reach considerably by working with YouTube producers in a commercial relationship, and has leaned much about content, viral campaigns and highly cost effective awareness development through Twitter, Youtube and Facebook.


Since 1995, PNMG has worked with hundreds of Schools, Universities and TAFEs, across all States in Australia and has developed remarkable insight and considerable network of celebrities, students, teachers and staff and throughout the general community.Whilst it had nothing to do with the campaign, many of PNMG's philosophies can be seen in the broad online success of the 2008 Obama campaign - scaling previously unthought heights by engaging, inspiring and involving a new generation.


As such, PNMG's philosophies are all about engaging, inspiring and involving a new generation. Simple messages, delivered through brief, understandable, interesting video segments that connect quickly and easily to interactive and clickable pathways, have proven to be an effective combination for achieving engagement and positive momentum.

It is in this way that PNMG proposes to assist in spreading the messages of the Federal Government's Closing the Gap initiative, providing positive role models, ideas, options and pathways for Indigenous Australians in the world of work, as well as providing positive mental imagery of indigenous Australians within the mainstream economies for non-indigenous Australians


Simply put, PNMG propose to clearly identify and represent the issues, present a broad and varied range human faces to connect with, provide ways of getting involved, work hard on ˜push technology' distribution, pursue uptake through an outbound call campaign, continuing content delivery (digital and physical), refinement of message and involvement and continued reports of progress to generate and direct traffic to Departmental information, websites and material.



CEO Tom Hastwell addresses a large audience of educators, RICAs, NICs and Industry professionals at the Sydney Seminar.



Working with Government, Industry partners (with particular reference to the Motor Trades Association and the Bus Industry Confederation), aLife producers believe they have a strong and growing understanding of the disadvantages faced by Australia's Indigenous community (AND of the government's integrated policy approach) and are excited to be a proponent of such a worthy national cause.


Industry Partners


Institute of Chartered Accountants


Motor Trades Association of Australia

Pharmacy Guild

Bus Industry Confederation

Nursery Garden Industry of Australia

Boating Industry Association

Australian Marine Industry Association

Mission Australia

South Sydney Rugby League

Foundation for Young Australians



Yum! Restaurants

Queensland Government

Medical Technology Association of Australia

Royal Life Saving Society of Australia




Australian Glass and Glazing Association

Seafood CRC

Ross Julia Ross Recruitment

Department of Education, Training and the Arts (QLD)

Cook Medical

Vic Roads

SA Police

Nusery Garden Industry of Australia

NSW Health




RPA Hospital

Western Sydney ATC



Sydney University