Need Direction?

Select answers using the sliders below. Moving the slider LEFT indicates a negative answer. Moving the slider RIGHT indicates a positive answer.

At any time you can press the 'View Careers' button, but the more you complete, the more accurate the result.

Q1 I am practical and hands on
Q2 I am observant and resourceful
Q3 I am willing to push my boundaries
Q4 I am enthusiastic and approachable
Q5 I am intellectual and analytical
Q6 I am interested in physical activities
Q7 I am passionate and extroverted
Q8 I am shrewd and ambitious
Q9 I am tolerant and reflective
Q10 I am organised and responsible
Q11 I am able to be impartial and objective
Q12 I am understanding and tolerant
Q13 I am disciplined and thorough
Q14 I am a team player
Q15 I am logical and methodical
Q16 I am creative and innovative
Q17 I am straightforward and realistic
Q18 I am affectionate, caring and patient
Q19 I am adventurous and energetic
Q20 I am a good communicator